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13 Lightroom Masters To Follow!

The internet is not only a platform full of knowledge and resources related to Lightroom, but it can also help you connect with people who are doing great work to help other photographers make their workflow easier. Here’s a list of some of those inspiring and resourceful people, a.k.a Lightroom Masters, that you can follow:

1. Julieanne Kost

lightroom masters - Julieanne Kost
Photo Courtesy: www.jkost.com

One of the biggest names in the industry and a strong presence on any list of Lightroom Masters, Julieanne Kost is a digital imaging evangelist and founder of jkost.com. She works with Adobe Systems to create immersing tutorials for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom and teaches the use of both of these softwares to speed up your workflow and create photographic masterpieces. You can also find her classes on Lynda.com and CreativeLive, which are simple and easy to understand even if you are a beginner. While most of her classes on these two platforms are related to Photoshop, you can still find some great resources to learn Lightroom from her there as well as on the Adobe blog, her website, and on her YouTube channel.

Being a photographer with a creative spark, she has authored two books, Passenger Seat — Creating a Photographic Project from Conception through Execution in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Window Seat — The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking, both of which are great resources to get inspired, appreciate her creative process and understand the photographic workflow.

2. Terry White

lightroom masters - Terry White
Photo Courtesy: terrywhitephotography.com

Terry White is a photographer who specializes in fashion and portrait photography. He has been working with Adobe Systems for the last twenty years and is currently a Principal Worldwide Design & Photography Evangelist for the company. He creates detailed instructional videos about the Adobe Creative Suite, including Adobe Lightroom, which are available on his YouTube channel and is a must-have on our list of Lightroom Masters. His YouTube channel is where most of his tutorials are found (there are currently 123 videos in his Adobe Lightroom playlist!). He also regularly livestreams tutorials on the Adobe Creative Cloud Facebook and Youtube pages and updates his followers on his blog. He hosts the podcast, Adobe Creative Cloud TV and is the author of Secrets of the Adobe Bridge.

3. Laura Shoe

Lightroom masters - Laura Shoe
Photo Courtesy: www.laurashoe.com

Being a digital trainer for Adobe Lightroom, Laura has vowed to help photographers enjoy each step of their post-processing workflow by making it easier to understand and quicker to implement. She is a Certified Expert in Adobe Lightroom and was hired to create several tutorials for Adobe’s website. She has her own training courses on her websitewhere you can learn everything about Lightroom and if that’s not enough, she also provides one-on-one private training sessions. If you’re not up for spending money, you can also find her free tutorials on her Youtube channel and blog. Laura has taught workshops for multiple organizations, including CreativeLive, and is the author of the popular instructional DVD’s, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5, 6 and Classic 7: The Fundamentals & BeyondAdobe Lightroom CC/6 and 5: Producing Great Output, and older versions of these for Lightroom 3 and 4.

4. Anthony Morganti

lightroom masters - Anthony Morganti
Photo Courtesy: Anthony Morganti YouTube Channel

A mentor for photography and post-processing, Anthony Morganti believes in educating people free-of-cost. He has a big collection of his tutorials about Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and photography in general on his YouTube which he updates regularly. You can also find in-depth textual as well as video tutorials about photography techniques and various editing platforms or plugins on his blog; all of it, available for free! So if you’re short on cash but passionate about learning, Morganti is one person that you should definitely be following. However, if you want to learn from him in a more interactive way, you can join his mentoring program through mentormeinphotography.com and you will also be able to communicate with him regularly. Apart from providing learning resources and tutorials, Morganti has some impressive Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions that you can buy from his website.

5. Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby
Photo Courtesy: Scott Kelby YouTube Channel

Founder of KelbyOne, an online education platform for creatives, and author of the renowned The Digital Photography Book, Part 1, Scott Kelby is primarily an expert with photography and post-processing and has found his way to our list of Lightroom Mssters. Most of his instructional content on Lightroom is found on KelbyOne, along with other instructors’. He has many detailed courses on the website which are both for beginners and professionals. The KelbyOne blog, Lightroom Killer Tips, and his YouTubechannelare also two places where he regularly posts Lightroom tutorials. He is the author of multiple books, including The Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers, and hosts The Grid, which is a weekly photography talk show.

6. Victoria Bampton

Victoria Bampton
Photo Courtesy: www.lightroomqueen.com

Victoria Bampton, better known as The Lightroom Queen, started off her journey with Lightroom by helping people troubleshoot their issues with Lightroom on various online forums. As time went on, she became very popular and decided to compile the most frequently asked questions into a book called, Adobe Lightroom 1 – The Missing FAQ. Ever since then, Victoria has been regularly releasing an FAQ book for each version of Lightroom. She has also written ebooks like Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Quick Start eBook, Adobe Lightroom CC Quick Start eBook, and Adobe Lightroom 6 Quick Start eBook, which are available on her website for free! You can also learn more from her by visiting her blog, as well as consulting the Lightroom forums hosted on her website.

7. Matt Kloskowski

Matt Kloskowski
Photo Courtesy: www.mattk.com

On a mission to simplify the process of taking great photographs and editing them, Matt Kloskowski has come up with his own style of teaching Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom that is elaborate yet easy to understand. Matt teaches quite a few workshops regularly and has various in-depth courses for Lightroom and the post-processing on CreativeLive. If you’re looking to learn more about Lightroom for free, you can check out his website as well as his YouTube channel for quick and easy tutorials. He has also worked on a personal coaching and community platform for ON1 and has been regularly involved in many projects with them. Matt is the celebrated writer of Photoshop Compositing Secrets and has worked on around 20 books! Surely he deserves to have a place on the list of Lightroom Masters.

8. Serge Ramelli

Serge Ramelli
Photo Courtesy: www.photoserge.com

Serge Ramelli creates detailed tutorials for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom and teaches the execution of various techniques on both softwares. His extensive knowledge of digital imaging is evident by the fact that he has a long list of high-quality courses on his website, with each course focused on a specific style or genre of photography. You can also find many of tutorials on his on his YouTube channel, especially if you are looking for quick tips and tricks to improve your work.

9. Ben Willmore

Ben Willmore
Photo Courtesy: digitalmastery.com

Ben Willmore, often known as America’s favourite instructor for digital imaging, is a renowned photographer and author of multiple instructional books, DVD’s and seminars about Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, so of course, he finds his way among Lightroom Masters. One of his most famous works is a book called Adobe Photoshop Studio Techniques which has often been declared as the best book on Adobe Photoshop. Ben is a writer for various publications, and the founder of Digital Mastery which is a training and consultancy firm. Digital Mastery is a great source of learning Lightroom, and their Master Academy program is a place where you can stream videos weekly as well as engage in a member’s only discussion group. You can also learn more from him by selecting from a long list of his courses on CreativeLive.

10. Sean McCormack

Sean McCormack
Photo Courtesy: Sean McCormack Twitter (@lightroomblog)

Sean McCormack is a commercial photographer who works with various genres and has been an educator for digital imaging for many years. He is an author of the comprehensive book on Lightroom titled The Indispensable Guide to Lightroom CC: Managing, Editing, and Sharing Your Photos which covers the post processing workflow from start to finish. Moreover, he regularly creates short tutorials on YouTube about editing, enhancing and managing your photos using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Sean is an Adobe Community Professional, creator of the blog called Lightroom Blog, and a Lightroom Master at the The Photographer Academy which is a photography training company.




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11. Cole Joseph

Cole Joseph
Photo Courtesy: www.colesclassroom.com

Creator of a renowned platform for learning photography and post-processing, Cole’s Classroom, Cole Joseph is a photographer and an educator. He created Cole’s Classroom to help people become better photographers and the website contains over 200 free tutorials on improving your photography skills, editing photos and growing your photography business. The tutorials are easy to understand and cover a vast variety of topics. The website’s YouTube channel is also often updated with short videos on photography and editing. However, if you are looking for detailed courses, or Lightroom presets, you can buy them from the website’s shop.

12. Jared Platt

Jared Platt
Photo Courtesy: jaredplatt.com

Jared Platt is a wedding and lifestyle photography as well as an instructor for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. With his own unique style of teaching he encourages his students to pay more attention to details and get out of their comfort zone to improve their work. Jared has in-depth tutorials on almost every topic related to post-processing on CreativeLive. He is an expert in Lightroom workflow and often updates his YouTube channel with interesting tutorials on the subject. He has many Lightroom resources like presets and profiles available for purchase on his website. The website also contains Platt’s blog and information regarding his workshops.

13. Chris Orwig

Chris Orwig
Photo Courtesy: Chris Orwig Facebook Page

Chris Orwig is a photographer who is a dedicated writer and educator for photography and post-processing. He is a Sony Artisan and author of six books as well as over 100 instructional courses. He has always been driven to help people create brilliant work which is why he founded the Chris Orwig Tutorials, a platform where he teaches courses on producing exceptional photographs.  He is also an instructor at Lynda.com and CreativeLive.

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