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7 Lightroom related Facebook Groups

Facebook might be known for being a waste of time than a place of meaningful interaction yet there’s no denying that for professionals, especially photographers, it can become a great source of networking, learning and motivation. Have you ever wondered if Lightroom related Facebook groups even exist?

Facebook groups are a great way to be in the company of like-minded individuals. Your Facebook timeline may contain all kinds of people: your friends, your family, your far-off cousin Joe, the guy you met at the water cooler at the office; and not all of them may share your love for photography and Lightroom. If you post something related to photography or Lightroom on your personal timeline, you may not get the right kind of responses. But, if you do the same thing in a relevant Facebook group, you’ll get tons of very relevant answers to your query.

There are numerous Facebook groups for everything under the sun: drama fans, classroom groups, buying and selling, and of course, Lightroom users and photographers.

I’ve narrowed down and compiled a list of some Facebook Groups which will be very useful to you as a photographer and Lightroom user. They are great sources of help for instant assistance related to Lightroom, photo editing and some even offer critique if you ask for it. All in all, these groups are good places to learn, not just about your own skill set but also from problems faced by other photographers. They have active members and seasoned Lightroom users and photographers. These are your people.

Without further ado, here are Lightroom related Facebook groups that you MUST explore. This information, is, of course pertinent to the time of publishing this article.

1. Lightroom Help Group- Intermediate & Advanced

If you’re talking about Lightroom related Facebook groups than it’s impossible to miss this one.

Lightoom related Facebook groups

Members: 46,600+
Activity: around 400 posts per month

These two numbers should be enough to show you how active and indulgent this group is. As far as I am concerned, this is probably the best Lightroom group you can be a part of. Lightroom Help Group- Intermediate & Advanced was created in 2013 by photographer Jill Levenhagen, originally known just as Lightroom Help Group. Since then it has been run by head-admin Marcia Friedman-Gold; an Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom.

There is a whole team of group moderators who are very active and readily available to assist anyone with whatever issues they might have.

Do Note: This group is for helping with technical Lightroom issues only. It is not a place to ask for feedback and in-camera tips, and definitely not the place to show off your images or photography.

In any case, if you have Lightroom, it’s a good idea to become a member of this community.

Lightoom related Facebook groups

Most Facebook Groups mentioned in this post are ‘Closed Groups’; which means you can apply to join but you need to be approved by any of the moderators before you can become a member. This may sound like a nuisance but it’s necessary to control the influx of newcomers, especially for groups such as this one which insist on particular specializations. This allows moderators to filter out accounts which might become problematic to the group’s environment.

For this particular group, you have to answer some questions before they will let you in. If you leave those blank, they won’t let you in. You also get a block if you answer randomly. A ‘yes yes yes’ to the questions will get you a block too! So, make sure to read those questions and answer what is being asked if you want to join this helpful community.

To sustain the ‘environment’ there are certain guidelines in place in this Lightroom group. Please do read them and be mindful of them, otherwise you may risk being kicked out and banned permanently from this resourceful group.

Group Guidelines

Lightroom Help Group has specified everything very clearly. You can find them in detail on the group itself, but here’s a brief version of their guidelines:

  • Only English.
  • No venting at Adobe.
  • Lightroom related posts only. Otherwise they will be deleted.
  • Do not send private messages to other group members.
  • Do not block the admins.
  • Do not ask members to “fix/edit” your image.
  • Do not download anyone’s image without permission.
  • Do not post other people’s edited images asking how the result was achieved.
  • Do not post images, period. Unless they are needed to better understand a query.
  • Do not post links, unless they contain the solution to someone’s problem. Only moderators are allowed to post links as they consistently update the group with learning guides and updates.
  • No self-promotion or promotion of others is allowed.
  • If you want to share Lightroom tutorials, resources and products they must be shared in the Lightroom Learning Zone thread. Any self-promotion will be deleted.
  • No mean comments allowed. They will be deleted.
  • Once someone’s problem is solved, the comments for that post will be disabled.
  • A new problem must be mentioned in a new post. Do not mention them under someone else’s post.
  • Any post, comment or image violating the Facebook Community Standards will be deleted.

This may look like a lot but they’re pretty simple and straightforward guidelines. The most important thing to keep in mind is ‘Lightroom only’. It’s something the moderators insist over and over again. If you post things about general photography, or computer hardware related questions, the admins get angry.

meme inage
The admins get angry when you post about something other than Lightroom.

Browsing is still your valued ally

Before you post any question in the group (in any group, really) it’s best to look it up on Google first. You can’t be the first person in the world to have that problem. When nothing relevant comes up or seems to work, use the ‘search’ function to find similar problems in the group. Someone else may have already posted about it. If you’re still fumbling around in confusion, even after the search, that’s your cue to make your own post.

Lightoom related Facebook groups
You’ll find the ‘search’ function on the left side, at the bottom of the group’s different functional tabs.


Make it easier for yourself (and others)

For anything you need to ask, be very specific. Here is a rough sketch the admins have made to help members create detailed posts related to their problems (the very reason this group exists):

“When I did _______, this ______ (happened/did not happen.) I’m running Lightroom Version X/Creative Cloud on a (Mac/PC) with a ___ OS. I’ve tried ______ and this is what happened.”

For example (after a deep breath to quell panic), “When I started LR this morning I found that my images were missing from my catalog. A question mark appears next to the folders in the Library module. I use Windows 10, the latest version of Creative Cloud, and store my images on an external hard drive. I did some research online and the problem seems to be that my catalog and the images are disconnected. Can anyone recommend an article about how to reconnect them?”

If you don’t know how to frame your question, don’t worry. Group members will help you define it. Just provide as much information as you can.

With how active the group is, you should expect suggestions to come pouring in quickly, so best be online when you’re having your Lightroom related breakdown and test the suggestions as they come.

The “Learning Zone”

Everything in this group is very nicely maintained. That’s one of the greatest benefits of active moderators and admins. They’ve organized threads where you can share Lightroom related things and compiled a document titled “Learning Zone Links” which does exactly as the title suggests.

The “Learning Zone Links” are a compilation of helpful threads in the group which may teach you a thing or two about different features in Lightroom.

Lightoom related Facebook groups


The Files tab is one of the arsenals of this group. Be sure to look through it once you join. It address the most commonly sought out answers by Lightroom users.

Lightoom related Facebook groups

Reminder: Before posting anything, I would suggest going through the Files tab and the Learning Zone links to see if your problem has been addressed before.

Sister Group

Lightroom Help Group – Beginners

Originally the Intermediate & Advanced group was simply Lightroom Help Group. When they changed their name and specialized in just the advanced stuff, an off-shoot was created just a few months ago, called Lightroom Help Group – Beginners. Already over 2000 members strong, this group is in particular for Lightroom beginners so that the main group isn’t crowded by common problems faced by new users. If this is more suitable for you, be sure to join & if you’re a more advanced user, then join this one to help out the beginners!

2. Abode Lightroom Usergroup

Lightoom related Facebook groups

Members: 8400+

Created in 2011 by photographer Jim Holly, the Abode Lightroom Usergroup is open to all Lightroom users: from newbies to experts, and even to those who want to see what it’s worth.

The main purpose is for photographers to share their Lightroom photo editing techniques and Lightroom tips and tricks. You can consider it a sort of filtered compilation of Lightroom features and tutorials. It is also a good place to ask for help in Lightroom related problems, whether they’re technical or related to photo editing.

Lightoom related Facebook groups
You’ll find posts like these in the group.

Group Guidelines

Like all groups, this one also has its fair share of rules:

  • When posting Lightroom images (before & after) go into as much detail as possible to describe how you achieved the results.
    Basically, show off your Lr skills and techniques.
  • Do not post images simply for showing off your photography.
  • Do not post copyrighted photographs (of anyone other than yourself)
  • Posts, photos and comments should be safe for all ages.
  • Promoting your page or services is not allowed.
  • Do not post illegal software download sites, serial numbers or anything similar.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t be harsh with anyone and refrain from critique where it isn’t asked for. After all, the purpose of the group is learning and sharing information about Adobe Lightroom!

3. Photoshop and Lightroom

Members: 109,361+
Activity: around 28,000 posts per month

Those are some staggering numbers and that makes it one of the largest groups on Facebook related to photo editing. Photoshop and Lightroom was created by Photo Editor Andrew Kavanagh in 2010.

You’ll find everything in this group: amazing Photoshop edits, Lightroom and Photoshop techniques, amazing photography, solutions to problems, helpful links, etc.

Lightoom related Facebook groups
Some of the kind of posts you’ll find in the group.

Group Guidelines

While the group is quite relaxed about things members can post as compared to the previous two I’ve shared, there are still some important guidelines to be kept in mind, summarized below:

  • Post in English.
  • Do not post or comment in ALL CAPS.
  • Do not block any admin. Never report an admin or moderator’s post.
  • All posted images are subject to Constructive Criticism, unless stated “No CC” in the post. Keep CC to images and keep it helpful.
  • Do not post nudes or inappropriate images, excessively violent, religious or political images.
  • Don’t argue about legal or safety issues under any post.
  • Do not ask other members to “fix/edit” your images.
  • Keep questions focused on Photoshop, Lightroom and Photography.
  • Questions about computers, camera, gear, lens etc are not allowed.
  • Polls must be approved by admins before posting.
  • Video tutorials with only music and speed art videos are not allowed. They will be deleted.
  • Live videos are not allowed without admin permission.
  • Sharing or promoting pirated serials/software is not allowed. Unless you want to get banned.
  • Be polite. Mean comments will be deleted and get you banned.
  • Do not download/edit another person’s image without their permission.
  • Do not post someone’s work as your own.
  • You can post copyrighted images. Any related legal issues will be your own headache.
  • You can post links to your website alongside your images but blatant self-promotion is not allowed.
  • Approved artists can post workshops, events and specials.
  • Do not upload files.
  • Post “Before & After” as one combined image.
  • If you post five or more images per day, make them 1 post/gallery.
  • Do not post spam or post things unrelated to Photoshop, Lightroom or Photography.
  • Do not try to sell anything without admin’s permission.
  • Posting links to other groups deemed “helpful and sincere” by admins will be approved. Links to low quality groups is a no-no.
  • Posting links to free events, news, video tutorials relevant to Photoshop, Lightroom and Photography is allowed.

Failure to adhere to the guidelines may lead to being banned without notice. The guidelines may look exhaustive but they’re not hard to follow. By now you must have noticed that there are a few recurring ones in every Lightroom related group.


Since the admins allow sharing events and the like, you’ll find the event calendar marked with upcoming workshops & webinars. Sometimes these workshops may not be in your part of the world, but a lot of times, these events may just be a live session on the group, so be sure to keep an eye out on these as those can be really useful.


You will find a lot of content from multiple people/groups in this tab. Everything is organized according to the content creator. Though most things in Units are noticeably about Photoshop, you’ll also find files related to Lightroom.

Lightroom related Facebook groups

4. Live Snap Love Lounge

Lightroom related Facebook groups

Members: 4500+
Activity: around 1500 posts per month

Live Snap Love Lounge is the Facebook community of the readers of Live Snap Love; a photography blog run by Audrey Ann. You don’t necessarily have to be a reader of Live Snap Love to join the Facebook Group.

It’s a group geared towards helping emerging photographers so it encourages members to share their shoots and for professionals to share photography tips and tricks. Members are prompted to participate in challenges to improve their skills and are kept up-to-date on the latest blog articles by the admin.

Since there is a lot of emphasis on Live Snap Love Lounge being a “safe” space for people new to photography, there is a detailed list of rules for everyone to follow in order to keep the group as warm, welcoming and friendly as it is.

Group Guidelines

The complete list of guidelines can be found on their website, here is a brief version:

  • No external links allowed.
    Links to other photography groups, workshops, pages, etc., anything other than Live Snap Love cannot be promoted on the group.
  • No self-promotion allowed.
  • No videos allowed. Whether they’re YouTube videos or facebook embedded. Just, no.
  • Do not ask anyone to send you a private message to answer their question about your work.
  • Be kind, respectful and helpful. Be kind even with critique.
  • Comments will be disabled on i) Posts where answer has been given, ii) Where enough comments have been given to hype the post.
  • Do not tag Audrey or any admin for personal help.
  • Encourage emerging photographers – respect that the group is mainly for them.

Lightroom related Facebook groups


Live Snap Love focuses on member engagement to hype and encourage each other on their journey to becoming better photographers. Most, if not all, learning content can be found on the main website. Though there aren’t any Files or Units to explore in the group, Audrey has made a few videos which cover the basics of photography and can be helpful for Lightroom beginners.

She pops in once in a while to come live and answer questions. All of those videos can easily be found in the group.

Lightroom related Facebook groups


5. PiXimperfect Photoshop and Lightroom Creative Family

Members: 4000+
Activity: almost 500 posts per month

Created two years ago by Unmesh Dinda of the YouTube channel PiXimperfect, this group’s public description is adorably, “Let’s have a creative dialogue.” PiXimperfect Creative Family began as a community of PiXimperfect’s followers so they could interact with Unmesh and get feedback and help on any issues they were facing. Now it has grown exponentially as a community of eager learners.

This is a good place to share your work and ask anything related to Lightroom, Photoshop and photo editing. The admin is also responsive and attentive towards the members’ posts.

You’ll find many interesting links, particularly from Unmesh, which teach things ranging from fixing focus on images to amazing retouching in Photoshop. There are also many other things of interest to browse through.

Group Guidelines

Like every flourishing community this one also set down some rules for members to be mindful of:

    • No nudes, explicit or graphic images allowed.
    • No vulgar language or mean comments. (Every group expects basic human decency)
    • Constructive Criticism can be done on any image posted, unless otherwise stated as ‘No CC’ on the post. Be mindful of your words though.
    • Keep it friendly and helpful.
    • No spamming.
    • No excessive/exclusive self-promotion or asking members to watch/like/subscribe something of yours.
    • You can post links to your/any website when you post an image.
    • Only PiXimperfect YouTube links are allowed.
    • Posting/asking about serials/keys/pirated software is not allowed. That’s asking for a ban.

Lightroom related Facebook groups

Members can also share their own tutorials. However, they must be

  • their own tutorials (not copied from elsewhere)
  • posted directly to the group (no links leading outside the group)
  • be spoken/ have voice (no speed tutorial or background music only)
  • be useful and well explained




Learn how to use Lightroom to get organized, create amazing photos and cut your editing time in half.

6. Cole’s Classmates – Photo School

Lightroom related Facebook groups

Members: 45,200+
Activity: Almost 4000 posts per month

Cole’s Classmates – Photo School, created in 2014, is the facebook group from the website Cole’s Classroom, made for aspiring photographers.

Unlike other groups in this list, the members of Cole’s Classroom freely upload files, photos and videos, whether it’s addressing a problem or sharing something they’ve learned. This can both be a blessing and, depending on how you take it, a curse: since their Files and Videos are cluttered, with questions and learning contents all mixed up.

Lightroom related Facebook groups

You’ll find quite a variety of things being discussed in the group: questions about which equipment to purchase, requests for critique and editing advice, members simply showing off their skills for fun and you might even find one or two posts about someone complaining about something. It’s a very lax and enjoyable environment.

Lightroom related Facebook groups
You’ll even find members searching for muse and inspiration!

Group Guidelines

The community claims to be “the friendliest & most vibrant photography community on Facebook” but there are only two strict rules to follow:

  • Don’t be mean or rude.
  • Self promotion and promoting competitors is not allowed.

The admins aren’t actively seen participating in the group but they’re quick to act on reports and complaints, so think twice before you break any of the two rules.

7. Photo Help & Editing Advice Group

Lightroom related Facebook groups

Members: 9400+

Created in 2014 by Peter ‘Pedro’ Woodcock, Photo Help & Editing Advice group was made with the intention to help people with photography and the photo editing process. It welcomes photographers of all skill level and questions can be about any of the editing programs or any editing process. You can also address any technical issues you might be facing and ask for a general opinion or critique about your work.

The noticeable presence in this group is of novice photographers and people freshly trying their hand at editing, so it’s a good group in particular for people new to the art.

Lightroom related Facebook groups

Apart from the regular questions about edits and the photography dispersed in between, tutorials are often shared in the group.

Lightroom related Facebook groups

Group Guidelines

The group guidelines are detailed on their facebook page. Here is a summarized version:

  • Only English.
  • No vulgarity or inappropriate comments/posts.
  • No mean or hateful comments. Be nice in your critique.
  • No Black/White vs. colour arguments/posts.
  • Don’t ask anyone to “edit/fix” your photo.
    You can ask for suggestions/help, but don’t expect anyone to do the work for you.
  • Questions about camera equipment are allowed but no questions about which camera to use/buy.
  • For complex editing questions which cannot be answered, you may be redirected to other groups.
  • Photo theft and copyright infringement will get you banned.
  • No ads.
  • No self-promotion.
    If a helpful link is on your site, ask admin for permission before posting. You may share it in comments if it solves someone’s problem.
  • No speed art videos or videos with background music only.
  • To post about paid tutorials, you need admin permission.
  • External links to photography and editing help sites are allowed.
  • Posted images may be edited by members to better illustrate their points. If you do not want them to do so, make it very clear.

This should go without saying but before posting any particular question, be sure to look it up online first and then in the group ‘search’. When you’re still having trouble, then you should turn to group members for help.

The Wrap Up

Of course, there are numerous other Photography and Lightroom related Facebook groups as well! My advice is to not let yourself be swayed by the number of members since it does not always equate to a well managed or active group. These were some tried and tested communities where you can pick a number of things alongside Lightroom tidbits. If there are other Lightroom or editing-related groups that you think need to make it to this list, let me know in the comments section!

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  • Thank you very much for posting these groups. I find there is so much on the internet and to be honest alot of it is so confusing or too advanced.
    Hopefully I will get some benefit from the groups I have joined.

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